Our Story

I teach for a living. I work hard and value my time off. Like many teachers, I usually spend my first 3 days of any holiday sick. Like clockwork, as soon as I finish for a break, the snivels start.

Narrowboating is different though. 

Within 30 minutes of cruising down the canal, I'm relaxed. Not bored-and-a-little-bit-ill-relaxed but a miles-away-from-stress, start-of-an-adventure-relaxed. I can moor up outside a village, or pub, or part of the beautiful Peak District and that's it for the day. Everything's there. And when I get back from a walk, a drink, a nice meal, I take my coat off and I'm home.


It's this lifestyle that got me hooked on narrowboating. When looking at buying a new business, Simon, the previous owner, took Jen, Isaac (our 3-year-old) and me on a small cruise down the Peak Forest Canal and within just a few seconds, we were in the middle of the most beautiful countryside. Work was a thousand miles away. We fell in love with Georgia, the Peak Forest Canal, and narrowboating.

We want others to enjoy Georgia, to feel miles away from stresses and frustrations, to feel relaxed and to take in all that narrowboating has to offer. I hope that, should you choose to hire Georgia for your holiday, you will truly relax and create some wonderful memories.

Georgia Crew.

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Meet The Henleys

We have always loved the outdoors!

Whether grabbing a single night away in our wonderful Bongo motorhome; raw backpacking or relaxing for a week or so on our beloved Georgia narrowboat, we love the fresh air and countryside.

Here a just a few images of our away days…


The Henleys